Recently, I was asked to pick a word that symbolizes how I would like to grow this upcoming 2019. This word could also be a mantra to live by as this year unfolds. Well, I had a hard time choosing just one word to work with this year. My other options were faith, courage, trust etc.

The list truly goes on!

So I realized that each word had a familiar theme...Balance.

For me, balance is a safe space in all that I do. In this safe space, I can find an abundance of unconditional love, guidance, clarity and peace. I can find myself there. But to maintain this space takes a bit of work. Often times, it’s the work we so wish to avoid.

Here is where balance is important. A healthy and grounded life is one that is accepting of what each moment is called for when that moment arises. That is balance...knowing when to challenge yourself and when to rest.

Balance means having both feet on the ground with an open heart to meet whatever arises. Our actual life is a reflection of our spiritual life. The two go hand in hand. So we must learn how to meet ourselves in the middle here. We must have the courage to ask ourselves the necessary questions that inspire self-growth and healing. We must have faith that the answers are surely within reach...they dwell within us. We must trust that everything is working out for divine good always.

Another essential element of balance is intuition. It is knowing on a soul level who you are, where you came from and where you are going. It is knowing where you are right now. Learning how to cultivate this intuition is vital to maintaining spiritual wellness. Intuition serves to maintain balance wholeheartedly and without limitations. When your intuition is working clearly, you are navigating the energy of this world with ease. You feel light, powerful and invincible. But with the light comes the dark and so we must also know when to have compassion for ourselves/others when we are in total darkness. Light and dark are like the Ying Yang of spirituality. We all have both sides. When the Ying and Yang are balanced, we are at peace with the world.

We are at peace with our Self.

So to have balance in 2019 and the years to come, I am surrendering to the present moment. I am being mindful of myself, my thoughts, actions and aspirations. I am being mindful of my shadows...the areas where growth and healing is most needed. I am having compassion for myself and for others. I am challenging myself to have the courage to ask the necessary questions that inspire my spiritual growth and healing. And I am trusting my intuition to guide me towards the answers of my questions.

I AM Balanced.