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Love Your Curvas

About 80% of women feel dissatisfied with their bodies, regardless of their size. Feelings of shame and guilt leave them silent, with these emotions bottled up create energetic havoc. Negative self talk has become a norm in most social circles, creating unconscious and disempowering conversations.

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy, how can we be compassionate towards others but not ourselves?

After years of weight fluctuation; failed diet attempts; extreme body transformations; and body shaming, Jaquí finally learned the key missing component in wellness. 

Establishing a relationship + connection between our body, mind and spirit. 

Jaquí now shares her personal struggles, extensive personal development training, and 10 years of experience in the fitness industry to help women heal from the inside-out. Teaching women to make peace, not war with themselves. 

Whether you are looking to discover more about yourself, have a habit you really want to change or are just curious about what this may open up for you join us.

Through self inquiry, guided meditations and journaling we will discover:

  • Ways to empower and connect to ourselves.

  • Minimize the internal cycles of negative self-talk.

  • The underlying conversations that are creating self sabotage 

  • Gain tools to set yourself up for success.

Exchange $40 pre-registration, $50 at the door

Earlier Event: September 26
The Healing Hour- Rioult
Later Event: October 3
The Healing Hour- Rioult