Welcome to the space where Vibrational Alchemy takes place


We are infinite energetic beings on an adventure of rich experiences that include bliss and pain. Sometimes the experiences we label as negative, can create density within our energy field or bodies. Depending on the severity, time, ancestral ties this could create blocks, manifestation of physical ailments, emotional imbalances or stagnation.

It can show up as diseases, anxiety, depression, stagnation, lack of clarity or flow, repeated patterns; attracting similar types of energy, people, experiences.

I offer many different modalities to support you in activating your own healing response.

What is Vibrational Alchemy?

Alchemy is about transformation. On a spiritual level taking lower pulsing frequencies, consciousness and transmuting them to divine energy that is on an elevated vibrational state.

Vibration lives in everything, it’s a scientific fact that all is in a constant state of motion. People, plants, sounds, thoughts, emotions, yes even non living material things.

It’s adding light to the shadow that exists in all of us, creating awareness, changing the current state to a more desired one. Achieved through Intuitive guidance, Distance Healing, Touch Healing (Reiki), Breath, Sound Therapy and more.

While you can definetly cultivate your self mastery journey on your own, you don’t have to.

I provide clients with a safe space to reclaim their inner peace, personal power and freedom through products + services.

When choosing a partner on your spiritual journey, follow your inner guide.

If you we’re brought here, see it as an invitation to go on an adventure, explore your inner depths.