Tune into your Truth!


Join me for 4 weeks of virtual Meditation and Journaling

Designed to:

Start a consistent meditation practice.

Gain clarity in the areas of your life where you feel lost/confused.

Tap into the truth of who you are, define or strengthen your purpose.

Learn techniques to start trusting and using your intuition as a guide.

Release through writing.


Regardless of where you are on your journey,

how many podcasts you listen to, 

motivational people you follow,

books you read,

seminars you invest in, 

you still feel conflicted.

In this age of information or rather misinformation, we are being pulled into too many directions. 

Inviting unnecessary stress in.


We are constantly seeking answers outside of ourselves, the experts, coaches....etc.

It seems like everyone else has the answers, knows the secret formula....but you.

During this transitional time, the best thing to do is slow down, listen to our inner guide.

I designed this program because I was tired of people telling me who I was supposed to be and how I needed to show up.

It didn't feel authentic,  I resisted my journey for some time.

Until I took a break to tune in,  spent time with mama earth and discovered the path that began opening doors seamlessly. 

A result of honoring myself, acknowledging and stepping into my truth everything magically aligned.

The clients, resources, jobs, network, teachers, peers, all appeared!

It's time to tune everyone out and listen to the truth.Your Truth!-2.png

For 4 weeks we will work virtually together, you can expect:

A private group on Insight timer (Insight Timer is a meditation app, that has guided and silent meditations; https://insighttimer.com)

*receive support from likeminded peers on a high vibrational journey.

*accountability with your daily meditation practice.

4- weekly lessons.

*What is Intuition?

*Developing Trust.

*Listening to the messages in the body.

*Getting clear answers.

4- weekly live guided meditation with sound

*Removing energetic blocks.

*Harness light energy.

*Opening the third eye with color.

*Discerning feedback.

4- Q &A sessions

1- Tune into your Truth Journal

*30 day meditation Journal with prompts to support in your journey. 



This is for you if:

You are new to meditation or just haven't been able to get into a consistent practice.

Haven’t fully tapped into your intuition.

You feel lost, unclear about what steps to take next.

Don't have a fully defined purpose, still have doubts.

Have some areas you are confused and would like clarity.

Would like to integrate some inner peace in your life.


Join now!

Enrollment opens again in March 2019