My 100 Days of Self Care


 We are in the end zone of 2019, it’s been quite the year.

The last 90 days were not so glamorous, they were filled with some needed awareness, deep inner work, and growth. I am grateful for what’s shown up.

I am ready to shift gears, and I hope you are too. So why not a challenge for the last 100 days of the year.

Will you join me?

As you already know, Self Care is not about indulgent bubble baths and face masks (although it can be a part of it).

It’s about putting you first, nothing is going to work well if the wheels are falling off our physical and energetic vehicles.

Acknowledging that you are worthy through your actions; speaking and treating yourself well, investing in yourself, not accepting toxic behaviors, not engaging in self sabotaging behaviors.

Doing the work to grow by doing some self reflection, creating boundaries, intently working on self acceptance, and taking time to connect with the self.

We will touch on all of these areas in the next 100 days through meditation, journaling, introspection, affirmations…and more!

The best news is you’ll be ahead of the game when 2020 arrives.

Get your wings ready, let’s fly, time to transform!

Day 1 was saying yes to yourself, sign up below.

Although we are days in you can still join at any point.