Intentional Human Workshop

Intentional Human Workshop


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Imagine living each day with intent, how could your life be elevated?

Everyone starts the new year with goals they want to achieve but a few months in it becomes something that gets buried underneath many circumstances. 

How do you begin to break that cycle?

Being an Intentional Human.

Everything is interconnected, how we nourish the body, mind and soul. Oftentimes we focus in one area, while neglecting the others. Not anymore!

We are creating the space for you to have it all, while engaging in a community of like vibed individuals. Working in a group setting  increases performance and productivity.

Set intentions, push your boundaries, receive support and super charge your vibration.

Join us on Saturday January 26th where you will experience creating clear intentions for yourself, followed by intentional action: a group workout led by Mario Robinson, intentional activities (our secret surprise) and intention strengthening: Reiki Meditation led by Jaquí Rodriguez.

Get nourished with high vibe infused lunch + beverages also included.

If you can’t wait to live more intentionally, this is the space no need to continue to delay.

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