Intuitive Guidance

Intuitive Guidance


Intuitively guided coaching session on a specific area you want to explore and work through. Whether you may be feeling stuck, need support in your relationships, gain confidence, body positivity, need clarity, uplift your vibration, working through a shadow aspect of yourself, healing a wound. Together we will dig in to transmute fears, detach your emotional space of toxicity, limiting beliefs, people pleasing, anxiety or general recurring sadness.

You can also utilize this to explore, strengthen or craft your own personal spiritual practice.

Reclaim your inner peace, freedom & power. Together we'll create awareness of patterns. Break from lower vibrational space, slow down to align back to your divine voice that is often neglected or shoved down in the day to day responsibilities. 

This is a custom crafted session, usually involves journaling, a guided meditation and more.

* Prior to session: mandatory 15 minute call to ensure that we feel aligned. Understanding mutual expectations, limitations and goals.

**Packages are recommended, one session is a great way to explore and see if our energies are in sync.

***Discounts available for recurring monthly packages, please inquire.

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