Tune into your Truth! 4 week virtual program

Tune into your Truth! 4 week virtual program


4 weeks of virtual Meditation and Journaling

Designed to:

Start a consistent meditation practice.

Gain clarity in the areas of your life where you feel lost/confused.

Tap into the truth of who you are, define or strengthen your purpose.

Learn techniques to start trusting and using your intuition as a guide.

Release through writing.

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For 4 weeks we will work virtually together, you can expect:

A private group on Insight timer (Insight Timer is a meditation app, that has guided and silent meditations; https://insighttimer.com)

*receive support from likeminded peers on a high vibrational journey.

*accountability with your daily meditation practice.

4- weekly lessons.

*What is Intuition?

*Developing Trust.

*Listening to the messages in the body.

*Getting clear answers.

4- weekly live guided meditation with sound

*Removing energetic blocks.

*Harness light energy.

*Opening the third eye with color.

*Discerning feedback.

4- Q &A sessions

1- Tune into your Truth Journal

*30 day meditation Journal with prompts to support in your journey.