Illuminating.Affirming. Uplifting.
— Lamonda W.

What people are saying…


“My experience with Jacqui during a REIKI session was Excellent! She takes time with her clients to dig as to what parts of ourselves are we seeking to heal. As a life coach, she asks the right questions and definitely provides with tools to get the most out of your session. 

You don't feel rush, she explains to you the process and before you start you have a one on one to break the ice and open yourself to the beginning of your healing.

After the session finishes, she asks about your experience and shares with you the messages she received and how she felt. She also explains to you things to look for after and how you should proceed: drink water, you might cry, have dreams... She also follows up with you the day after.

I can honestly say that after having my Reiki a shift has occurred and we are not done. I will highly recommend her and I am definitely going back for more sessions.”

— Wendy A.

”I had my first healing session and it was AMAZING!!! I felt an instant peace of mind and a connection within myself. It’s difficult to explain.. but good feeling overall.. I’ve been on a healing journey for quite some time now and working with Jackie has been so rewarding. She is extremely gentled understanding to your needs with a sense of compassion. She is a great teacher in helping you realize your greatest powers that lies within us all… forever grateful.. love..”

— J. Del Rosario

“Grief sometimes manifests itself into something a lot darker. Jaqui introduced me to spirituality. I had never even heard of awakenings or enlightenment. I don’t KNOW all the things about ‘spirituality’.. I don’t KNOW it intellectually, no matter how much I’ve studied all of these different things, chakras, crystals and so on... because that’s just intellectual knowledge, in your mind. It’s something BEYOND our minds to understand. Jaqui said you need to  DROP everything you know, everything you’ve ever learned, and just be. So I did I became addicted in to chasing peace. Looking into a negative coming out with a positive outlook of life, that we are in control of our mind. We have choices do you want to live in chaos or do you want to live in peace. Also meditate before going to bed... and just be, in the knowing.”

— Rosie T.

“ I honestly can’t put into words how life changing it has been to get coached by Jaqui. She is seriously a rare gem! Through her guidance, advice and patience I have been connected to a deep part of myself like never before.  Every exercise I received were all done by Jaqui so she KNOWS they work.  I’ll always live my life being in integrity with my word and and also to unapologetically live it to it’s full potential and I have Jackie to thank for that.  She’s amazing and working with her is something you won’t regret. I can’t thank her enough”.💛


— C.Peralta


“Felt very relaxed and sense of direction. I actually slept so good. I didn’t feel like that in ages…”

— L. London

“I was always tempting to go to the healing meditation class and when that time finally came .. it was the best decision I ever made , the very first night I joined I felt like ok I’m just going to sit down and relax , but no, is more than .. taking this class every Thursday with my dear friend jaquie and honestly you have to really experience it for yourself , to feel and understand what am I trying to explain.. it’s an amazing experience that I highly recommend to anyone and everyone.., speaking for myself from my own experience, I felt relieved, calmed, relax, cleaned , and at peace 🙏🏻.. I will always be grateful and always honored to experience this stages of my life with someone I can trust with my eyes closed.. and knowing that I will be in good hands and knowing that is coming from a great heart .. to add a lil more to it , I even cried like a baby , I tried to stop myself but I learned that you have to let it go .. you have to let old bad energy out your body to let new one come in .. I am still learning and as I keep attending to the classes I keep learning amazing experiences.. I’m just speechless.. but happy at the same time.. thanks my dear jaquie for giving the chance to be reborn again ..”

— I. Espinal

“I started Reiki with Jaqui a six months ago when I was looking to reduce the stress and anxiety in my life, and it has been life changing.  I had never tried reiki before but was eager to as no other methods seemed to be helping.

Through Reiki and coaching, Jaqui has helped me with my anxiety and helped me along my spiritual journey. I was feeling lost in my career and Jaqui helped me hone in on how I wanted to feel, open my mind to following my intuition and help me find the courage to completely change my thoughts. I would recommend Jaqui to anyone who wants to clarity and relief from all the chatter in your head.

  For me, Reiki with Jaqui has resulted in a greater sense of purpose and productivity in my personal and career life. Jaqui is the perfect mix of compassionate and professional and I cannot recommend her enough to anyone looking to improve their mental and physical health!”

— R.o.

“it was better than marijuana”