The Unfolding


Now putting all the pieces together I understand that this Journey has been and still is an unfolding from many lifetimes.

A calling.

I derailed, doubted, stalled for so long.

Always brought back to this similar place in a different way.

I’ve been highly sensitive for as long as I can remember, meaning I perceive and receive information from energy. It is a knowing that cannot be explained. When I was younger, I didn’t trust the messages, I didn’t trust myself. I had to learn the hard way.

I felt different from everyone around me + I definitely thought differently. I only openly expressed with those I knew would understand and would not judge me.

I learned the art of blending, conforming, later in life the art of numbing. I disconnected from my senses a bit, there was shame behind feeling and being different. Self preservation.

From my early teens I had what some would call paranormal experiences, lucid dreaming and other things that I am not ready to speak about publicly.

I was always drawn to the mystery of the unknown, I had an appetite for truth + spirituality. Around the age of 13 I disconnected from the beliefs I was raised with because something was missing, I knew there was more. My curiosity led me to read many books on the subject, but I lacked the guidance I needed to fully develop at that time. I guess I wasn’t ready yet.

In seeking, different theories, beliefs, a variety of mysticism what I found is that at the core they all had similar messages rooted in love, alchemy, and our ability to co-create in this realm. I felt connected to that, I disliked hierarchy, hypocrisy and suppression of the woman that came with traditional belief systems .

I don’t have one belief system but a blend of many. In anything I do I look for the cross cultural links that connect it all, because it is all one message. As we are one energetic organism.

The cosmic joke is in the division of self, thinking we are separate, the division tactics that disguise themselves well in this game of life we chose to play. The illusion that create division, mistrust and doubt.

All to have us remember.

It wasn’t until later in life that the messages became clearer, the guides appeared. At the core what shifted was that I started to finally listen and trust myself, well to an extent I am still in development and I’ve learned how much hesitation can exist when it comes to truly owning our power.

Then my ancestral ties to healing work were revealed as my father, aunt and grandfather and great grandparents all heal, they are folk healers. It’s in our blood they say but reluctant to speak much about it. My grandfather for example doesn’t deny the capabilities, he speaks of that openly but when it comes to getting to the roots of it I have had to go on full detective mode.

What is interesting is that my dad taught me a special prayer in my mid teens to heal headaches and warts but it was so normalized I never saw it as anything more than that or questioned it, it was just a Dominican thing he did, I thought.

After years of questioning, dreams, messages, confirmations, synchronicities this was the final stamp of the universes approval. Mind you, I already was reiki 2 certified but hesitant.

Talk about needing reassurance!

I was blind to the answers right in front of me for years. Metaphysically dragged until I understood my purpose here. Looking back I see it all clearly.

I am still doing the inner work, still developing and learning. This is layers and layers of healing not only form myself but for all the ancestors that came before me. Breaking cycles, creating new energetic pathways. Divinely guided as spirit dictates, I am in service to her. Acknowledging the shadows, working towards illumination with the light.

These abilities are not mine to claim, they are inherited, living in my DNA from the ancestors before me. I am the channel of this force as it lives through me.


Besides being a 4th generational folk healer here are some of my past Trainings/Certifications:

Empowerment Coach Certification 2011- Jim Hellam

Komyo Reiki Do level 1 (eastern lineage) 2016- Jyogan Hakata

Elephant Journal Apprenticeship 2016- Waylon Lewis

NLP Practitioner Beginner to Advanced 2017- Kain Ramsay

Komyo Reiki Do level 2 (eastern lineage) 2017- Jyogan Hakata

Deepening your reiki practice 2017- Pamela Miles

Crystal Therapy Healing Certification 2017- Natural Healing Academy

Meditation Certification 2017- Natural Healing Academy

Komyo Reiki Do Master (eastern lineage) 2018- Jyogan Hakata

Kundalini Awakening (non practitioner) 2018- Raja Choudhury

Developing Medical Intuition 2018- Laura Kamm

Advanced Intuitive Training 2018- James Van Praag

Earth Medicine- 2019- Shaman Durek

Usui Reiki Master 2019- Shamanic Fire Reiki, Judith Caban

Sound Healing Intensive 2019- Sage Academy

Drum Healing - 2019- Shamanic Fire Reiki, Irma StarSpirit Turtle Woman

Ancestral Healing (non practitioner) 2018 in progress - Daniel Foor

Cosmic Sexuality 100 hour training- 2019 in progress